Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog TrainingPositive Dog TrainingPositive Dog Training

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Why Positive reinforcement?


Positive Relationships Create Positive Results

We believe in the long term happiness of you and your fur babies; we focus and build on your strengths between you and your pets. Training through the science of positive reinforcement and the help of technology!


Over 10+ Years of Animal Behavior Experience

We bring the same methods and experience in training wolves, exotic animals and marine mammals to your dogs and cats because it's proven to work better!


Affection - Respect - Trust

Dog Training is the long game of relationship building and communication. We treat you and your fur babies with unconditional respect and compassion as we teach them to love, respect and trust you too!

Sit - Down - Stand

Loki wants to show you how he lives to impress the dog trainer!


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Join the Positive Pet Parent Community!

Connect with like minded Pet Parents who want the best for their fur babies in the Orlando, Winter Garden and Windermere area!

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